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High Definition LED Display

We have adopted the world’s most advanced high-definition digital LED display technology to our high definition LED display. Combined with high-density LED integrated technology, multi-screen splicing technology, multi-screen image processing technology and network technology, the entire system of our LED display features high stability, high brightness, high resolution, high-definition, high intelligent control.

Additionally, our high definition LED display has large screen display system with advanced operation method, which can be integrated with subsystems, such as monitoring system, command and dispatching system and network communications system, to form a complete set of information display and management control platform with mature functions and advanced technology.

The hardware and software design of our high resolution LED display’s entire system has been given full consideration on safety, reliability, maintainability and scalability; moreover, its storage and processing capability can exactly meet the requirement of future expansion.

Features of High Definition LED Display
1. We have adopted the innovative and leading non-bracket Moding packaging technology and unique moiré processing technology to our high definition LED display.
2. The unique high gray-scale is applied to the electronic circuit design.
3. Our HD LED display has seamless splice, of which the error is less than 0.1mm.
4. Our high definition LED display has 0303- RGB SMD lamp, which has the industry's smallest size and is based on 7×7 and 5×7 chip technology.
5. The non-delay and high refresh rate is up to 2500HZ; also, it can generate true color reproduction.
6. Our high definition LED screen can generate steady images with no ripple or black screen; and its dynamic display images have clear edges and good dynamic performance, which accurately and truly restores the image information. Convincingly, having delicate and smooth video images, our high definition LED display brings you the best visual enjoyment.
7. This HD LED screen has excellent and uniform brightness, non-delay display, gorgeous color and grayscale up to 16bit; it can also achieve remote wireless control.
8. Our high definition LED display has the function of point by point correction; and it also support point by point brightness correction, which can significantly improve the consistency of display and solve the problem of display’s quality decline caused by the long-term use.
9. With the alloy material and licensed thermal design, our high definition LED display has excellent performance in heat dissipation.

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