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Outdoor Fixed LED Display

We are a reliable Chinese LED display manufacturer and supplier committed to providing customers with quality outdoor fixed LED display for advertising applications. We offered the fantastic outdoor LED display to the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

Our outdoor fixed LED display’s consistency, quality, reliability and high energy efficiency are all in accordance with the ETL, CE and ROHS standards. We offer a variety of outdoor commercial advertising LED displays, such as B series, L series, GV-series, M series, etc. for you to choose. Obviously, you can always find the most suitable LED display solution as you specially need.

Features of Outdoor Fixed LED Display
1. Our outdoor fixed LED display has high refresh rate, high brightness and high contrast; therefore, it can generate more vivid and stable image and offer you high visual quality.
2. The light-sensitive control system of our outdoor fixed LED display can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the change of light; thus, our outdoor LED display is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
3. We provide selectable dual protection and dual backup solution to enable the LED display’s power and signal source to have double backup and become more stable.
4. The modules of our outdoor fixed LED display have versatility and are easy to replace, which facilitates the uses in several different occasions.
5. The high-efficient fiber optic transmission system can be applied to this outdoor commercial LED display so as to reduce the signal delay caused by the long transmission distance, ensuring consistency of image display.
6. The real-time status of our outdoor fixed LED display can be clearly known if you use our environmental monitoring system; and the results of the monitoring will be showed on your computer or other monitoring equipment.
7. You can easily make the LED screen to replace the information to display and achieve advertising network cluster by using the mouse of our remote network control. Our remote network control also enables you to voluntarily control all your outdoor fixed LED displays in various places via network.
8. Our multi-function control system can realize the outdoor LED screen’s manual or automatic turn on / off of at any time.

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