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Perimeter LED Display

Wanting a perimeter LED display with high brightness and high stability? We can help! Our perimeter LED display is specifically designed for stadiums. Conforming to the CE, RoHs and ETL standards, our sport LED display definitely has your required performance and stability, please be assured to have it!

Features of Perimeter LED Display
1. The unique design of adjustable inclining angle allows the perimeter LED display's cabinet to adjust the angle of inclination according to different needs, so as to achieve optimal viewing angle and camera angles.
2. Our stadium LED display has soft cover and soft coating material, which not only protects the LED lights, but also protect the athlete from collision. In addition, there is an emergency exit which can be quickly disassembled.
3. We adopt high-efficient optical fiber transmission system to our perimeter LED display, so as to effectively reduce the signal delay caused by the long transmission distance in the stadium, ensuring the consistency of the image display.
4. There is selectable dual protection and dual backup solution to enable the perimeter LED screen’s power and signal source to have double backup, which can make the LED display become more stable and more reliable in use.
5. With the design conforming to the IP65 standard, our perimeter LED display can have normal operation in the rain.

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