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Creative LED Display

If you tell us “We don’t want our stage look like other normal ones anymore, they need to be outstanding and leading.” Well, we deeply understand that you may be getting tired of normal LED displays with rectangle, square and cube screens.

Correspondingly, we highly recommend you with our creative LED display. Our TT8 Series and Vuestrip 12 Series are creative LED displays with novel styles and shapes, which are particularly designed to meet high-end and inspired customers’ needs. Just let us know your idea, and we will provide you with professional and technical creative LED display solutions.

Features of Creative LED Display
TT8 Series
1. Triangle module: Heart, diamond, pyramid, 2D and 3 D, just imagine whatever possible shapes;
2. Multiple use: Our TT8 Series creative LED screen is applicable to indoor or outdoor use, fixed or rental use as well as front or back access.

Vuestrip 12
1. Our Vuestrip 12 Series creative LED display has strip design for stage use, like floor, ceiling and background;
2. This custom LED display is suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

Disney Theme Park in Australia

We customized a creative LED display with the diameter of 12 m for the Green Lantern logo of Disney Theme Park, Australia in 2011. Mounted beside the Green Lantern-themed roller coaster, our LED display is such a wonderful project that can not be missed by tourists.

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