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LED Curtain Display

Our LED curtain display has the LED chips of red ray, green ray and blue ray; it can display white balance and such colors as 16, 777 and 216. Moreover, our LED curtain screen can simultaneously display a number of real-time information and video contents, including two-dimensional or three-dimensional animation, video, TV, DVD and live show.

Normally, our LED curtain display consists of the display module, the control system and the power system. Composed of dot-matrix formed by LED lamps, the display module is responsible for emitting light; the control system can enable the screen to display text, pictures, video and other content by controlling the brightness and darkness in corresponding region; the constant waving card is mainly used to play animation; the power system turns the input voltage and current into the required voltage and current of LED video screen.

Features of LED Curtain Display
1. We adopt our achieved "three in one" production process to make our LED curtain display to have the rate of uncontrolled points within 1/100,000 per year.
2. With the CREE chip imported from the United States, our LED video wall has the brightness difference between any two LED lights less than 20%.
3. Made ​​of aluminum alloy, the cabinet of our LED curtain display has lighter weight and higher strength.
4. There is special form between the aluminum cabinet and PCB board, thus, the PCB board will not be damaged in transportation and installation.
5. Having military grade components, our LED video display can adapt high and low temperatures and is suitable for any country in the world.
6. Our LED curtain display has obtained the CE, ROSH and CCC certificates.
7. Our cost-effective LED curtain display has large pixel pitch and can ventilate and transmit light; it is easy to install.
8. Our LED curtain display has bright colors, fast response, good display effect, high reliability, long lifespan, energy saving and environmental protection.
9. The entire LED screen has fanless design, which generates no noise and low power consumption; it can be used in a temperature range of -30°C-60°C.
10. The LED screen is in the form of grid or vertical stripe, of which the size can be adjusted at will.
11. Our LED curtain display is easy to produce and has low maintenance; it also has high stability and excellent performance of heat dissipation.
12. Our LED curtain display is mainly used as advertising screen, curtain wall of buildings, the indoor/ outdoor background of concerts and dance halls, etc.
13. Being light, thin, transparent, windproof and rainproof, our LED display panel can present changing colors and virtual scene in large areas.
14. Featuring super atmosphere contrast, transparent visual impression, gorgeous fantasy color and synchronous expression, our LED curtain display is applicable to the stage background, the creation of bars’ atmosphere, the decoration of KTV rooms, the lighting of buildings, etc.
15. From the point to the surface, from the local to the overall, our LED display can be assembled in any dimension.
16. The common systems are synchronous control software for bars, LED light point universal player,material source player for LED curtain display, etc.;the interface has VGA / DVI / AV output and can be connected with the bars’ VJ stage, the studios’ VGA converter, DVI splitter and multi-function switcher.

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