460P LED video wall

Our 460P LED video wall will lead us to a new era; it is also a new option for end-users of outdoor LED display and professional customers of rental LED display. Our industry leading R&D personnel has applied the innovative design concept, seamless LCD display technology and indoor SMD LED display technology to the research and development of this 460P LED video wall.

This light and thin HD LED display has high resolution and can display HD images consistent with that of 46 "LCD with its single cabinet. Our 460P LED video wall has integrated the advantages of LCD’s seamless splice and LED’s high stability. The front maintenance of this 460P LED video wall uses the magnetic cylinder modular design, which supports the embedded installation, has low maintenance and saves space; additionally, it is suitable for both rental and fixed use.

Features of 460P LED video wall
1. 16: 9, the most suitable aspect ratio for human eye.
2. Light cabinet, quick installation.
3. Dual options of cabling, flexible application.
4. Easy and simple front maintenance.
5. Stable and durable system.
6. Seamless splicing and high-quality image.
7. High-brightness and high definition display.
8. No reflection, comfort aspect ratio for viewing.
9. Anti-dust, anti-smoke and anti-moisture.
10. External signal lights, clear working condition.

  • Front
  • Fixed
  • High Brightness
  • Light
  • Thin