N Series High Contrast LED Display

Our perfect N series high contrast LED display is our classic and sophisticated design. Our simple and elegant high contrast LED display has small dot pitch and seamless splicing, truly realizing seamless display. Having smart setting module matched with humanized way of protecting, our high contrast LED screen is indeed a great choice for rental.

Features of High Contrast LED Display

1. The hidden type wiring design of the cabinet makes the LED screen more beautiful;

2. The power plugs of our high contrast LED display can be concealed inside the cabinet when splicing;

3. The simple design makes installation faster and more convenient;

4. This rental LED display has all-black LED, ultra-high contrast, intelligent locking system, humanized way of protecting and high-precision die-cast aluminum frame;

5. The cabinet of our outdoor LED module is compatible with the front maintenance and back maintenance

6. When the cabinet of the high contrast LED display is in use, manual disassembly and assembly can quickly and conveniently solve the problem appeared in some certain module;
7. When a problem occurs at the back of the cabinet, you can carry out maintenance by directly opening the control box without using tools;

8. We adopt the protection design to the margin of our high contrast LED display’s cabinet so as to prevent the module and cover from damage.

  • High Refresh
  • Light
  • Rental/Fixed
  • Thin