P Series Perimeter LED Display

Our perimeter LED display has become one of the necessary supporting facilities needed in the modern sports venues. It can be used for presenting advertising information in the stadium.

Our sport LED display has ultra-high brightness and its content is clearly visible in the long distance and in direct sunlight. With soft cover and rubber cushion design, our perimeter LED display can also maximally help to protect the contestants and guarantee their safety.

Moreover, our unique waterproof craft enables our perimeter LED screen to cope with a variety of indoor and outdoor harsh environments. As a carrier of advertising and information dissemination in the stadium, our perimeter LED display has stunning performance of expression.

Features of Perimeter LED Display
1. Lighter: Our new P series perimeter LED display’s weight is 60% of the traditional stadium screen; each of the cabinets only weighs 50kg;
2. Thin: The thickness of the cabinet plus the control part is only 174mm;
3. Standardization: The standardized-sized cabinet is compatible with 9 different dot pitches;
4. Ease installation: The cabinet of our stadium LED display can be easily and quickly installed without using tools;
5. Low maintenance: the cabinet has low maintenance; the module can be replaced without using tools;
6. Specialized software systems: Our retal LED display has professional control system for stadium screen, which can excellently debug the brightness and image quality while supporting remote control;
7. Adjustable angle: The cabinet can be adjusted to achieve 6 different angles: 0 ° (vertical), 4 °, 8 °, 12 °, 16 ° and 30 °;
8. Diverse applications: Our perimeter LED display is suitable for indoor and outdoor stadiums; it can be also used as a rental screen;
  • Adjustable Angle
  • High Refresh
  • High Brightness
  • Light
  • Retal/Fixed
  • Thin

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