S Series High Definition LED Display

Our S series high definition LED display has light, slim and attractive appearance. The design of intelligent modular and independent central control enable the cabinet to have very stable working condition. Our high definition LED display is compatible with a variety of LED display modules with different dot pitches.

Furthermore, our HD LED display has high efficiency of installation and excellent performance of security, which can be perfectly applied to ranges of occasions, such as celebrations, movie theaters, large-scale dance party, sports opening and closing ceremonies, indoor advertising, etc.

Features of High Definition LED Display
1. The die-cast aluminum made cabinet has integrated design, facilitating the installation of bracket.
2. The independent central control contains the signal power source, allowing you to have easy replacement and maintenance.
3. Being energy saving, our high definition LED screen consumes only 80W power in single cabinet.
4. The ultrathin cabinet weighs only 7.9kg; the thickness of the thickest part is only 70mm.
5. The refresh rate of our high definition LED display is up 2400HZ, which meets the mainstream needs.
6. The cabinet has mute fanless cooling system.
7. The module of our high resolution LED display has edge protection to prevent damage from the external impact.
8. The intelligent memory module can be set with one key without connecting to a computer.

Details of High Definition LED Display

The die-cast aluminum made cabinet and the integrated cabinet design
With the signal power source, the independent central control of our HD LED screen allows easy replacement and maintenance.
The independent central control facilitates the installation of bracket.
The delicate industrial design
  • Hot Swap
  • High Refresh
  • Light
  • Retal/Fixed
  • Thin