A Series LED Digital Signage

Our A series LED digital signage is suitable for outdoor advertising, information presentation, traffic analysis and guiding, etc. Our A series LED digital signage has small dot pitch, high definition display as well as the excellent functions of heat dissipation and water resistance. The stand-up design of the outdoor LED display facilitates the dismantling and the change of installation location; the display area of our fixed LED display can be adjusted at any time according to actual requirement.

Moreover, our full-color LED display has high brightness and its display content can be seen clearly seen in direct sunlight. Having scientific design, our indoor LED screen supports USB, WLAN, WIFI and 3G remote control; in addition to excellent functions of heat dissipation and water resistance, our full color LED display also has modular advertising player, which is convenient for the use in platform, shopping malls, halls and other places.

Features of LED Digital Signage
1. Our outdoor LED display screen has the brightness more than 6,000 nits.
2. The black LED lamps can achieve a high contrast ratio.
3. Applicable to indoor and outdoor applications.
4. Modular advertising player.
5. Supporting USB/ WLAN / WIFI / 3G remote control.
6. Dead point monitoring function.
7. Energy conservation; its power consumption is only 650W /m².
8. Modular design, customization is available.