B Series Outdoor Advertising LED Display

Our B Series outdoor advertising LED display is our independently developed systematic LED display solution to fixed installation. Our outdoor advertising LED display has monitoring function on system fault; when a fault occurs, the monitoring device will notify users by email. Having user-friendly design, our commercial LED display has each cabinet equipped with internal lighting, which can be used for lighting during maintenance.

We adopt the dual backup protection technology to prevent the information loss; the thermal fan of our outdoor advertising LED display will start when needed. Additionally, the low-voltage power supply actuates the LED display screen, which can not only effectively save energy and operating costs, but also extend the service life due to low energy consumption and low heat conducting.

Our energy-saving LED display has a variety of dot pitches available, such as P10, P13.3, P16 and P20, which can meet the mainstream demand of outdoor advertising.

Features of Outdoor Advertising LED Display
1. Real-time status monitoring on display screen.
2. Energy-saving.
3. Multiple choices of dot pitches, including P10, P13.3, P16 and P20.
4. Equipped with internal lightings for lighting during maintenance.
5. Thermosensitive temperature-controlled fan can achieve energy optimization.
6. Supporting card backup.
7. Remote control.

  • Fixed
  • High Brightness
  • Hot Swap
  • IP65