C Series IP65 LED Display

Our C Series IP65 LED display has the waterproofing grade up to IP65 and features easy installation and high transmittance. Having unique design of physical inclined angle, this LED display screen can be horizontally and vertically combined into compelling shaped screen with concave and convex.

Our IP65 LED display has great flexibility and configurability, which is an ideal choice for stage design. Moreover, our waterproof LED display can easily achieve the free switch between the color screen mode and conventional mode via its special device, providing you with comprehensive LED display solutions.

Features of IP65 LED Display

1. Modular design, easy maintenance.
2. The cabinets can be combined into round shaped screen in the following two conditions:
A: 24 cabinets, diameter= 2206.45mm, angle= 15°;
B: 48 cabinets, diameter=4403.46mm, angle= 7.5°
3. Louver design, applicable to different occasions; the hollow rate is up to 28%.
4. The cabinets can be adjusted to achieve five different angles; this creative LED display can have concave-convex splicing in vertical and horizontal directions.
5. The cabinet easily replaced without interfering other parts.
6. Single cabinet can be disassembled and replaced in the entire screen. 7. Owing to the advanced nano coating waterproof technology, the waterproofing grade of our outdoor LED screen is up to IP65.
8. The brightness exceeds 6,000 CD /m².
9. The point-by point correction can achieve the perfection combination of color and brightness of the LED screen.
10. Our C Series IP65 LED display can be easily and quickly installed via the quick locks on both sides of the cabinet without the use of any tools.