E Series LED Curtain Display

Our thin and light E Series LED curtain display is suitable for being used both indoors and outdoors. Having high brightness and good color consistency, our LED curtain display can achieve perfect visual effect. Our LED curtain screen can be easily and conveniently installed and maintained without using tools.

Having a unique design of inclined angle, the cabinet of our LED curtain displayhas five adjustable angles with different curvatures. Correspondingly, our LED video wall can realize concave or convex splicing in the horizontal or vertical direction.

Features of LED Curtain Display
1. The five adjustable angles of Arc-shaped LED display panel: -15°, -7.5°, 0°, 7.5° and 15°.
2. The cabinet is used as curtain and the hollow rate is up to 69%.
3. The non-hollow design can enhance the contrast of display.
4. The wire comes with the cabinet, facilitating the quick installation.
5. The design of signal light enables you to clearly know the working condition.

6. Thin: the total thickness is less than 60mm.
7. Light: the total weight of a single cabinet is 5.5kg.
8. IP grade: IP65.