L Series Modular LED Display

Our representative L Series modular LED display has standard modular cabinet carefully researched and designed by our professionals in six months.

Our modular LED screen has adopted standardized mold processing instead of the traditional bulky material; therefore, our modular LED panel not only achieves the effect of lightness and convenience, but also significantly narrows the gap of splicing.

Features of Modular LED Display

1. Light: The cabinet of our modular LED display only weighs 50% of traditional iron box.
2. Thin: The thickness of the cabinet is 90mm; the thickness of the thickest control box is only 150mm.
3. Fine: We adopt the production process of mold forming combined with machining, which can control the error within 0.1 mm and achieve non-gap splicing.
4. Black: The cover of our LED video display has special black coating, which can enhance the contrast and achieve a better display effect.
5. Fast: The standardized modular design of our LED display dcreen has shortened the production cycle; the cabinet has light weight and high precision, effectively reducing manpower and installation time.
6. Stability: The cabinet of our modular LED display has few connectors, which generates fast heat dissipation and high system stability.
7. Easy: The cabinet can be disassembled and assembled without any tools; the operating staff can manually complete the demolition of cabinet within one minute.
8. Capacity: Our L Series modular LED display has standard-sized cabinet with a wide range of dot pitches; the different combinations of cabinet can achieve various aspect ratios, such as 4: 3, 8: 9 and 16: 9.
9. Quiet: We have abandoned the fan design and adopted good heat conductor to realize heat conduction, which not only has better heat dissipation, but also makes no noise.

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