M Series Easy Maintenance LED Display

Our M series easy maintenance LED display has cleverly combined the modules with light bars, which gets rid of the burdensome the insert type of light bar. This LED display screen has stylish appearance and high quality.

Moreover, our easy maintenance LED display has special fast lock design, which accelerates the assembly speed, making the cabinet’s maintenance become faster and more convenient.

Features of Easy Maintenance LED Display

1. Combination of light bar and module;
2. Simple, tidy and good flatness;
3. Easy front maintenance;
4. The parts and components of our front maintenance LED screen’s cabinet can be quickly disassembled without using tools; the cabinet can be rapidly assembled via manual twisting on the quick lock.
5. The same factory mode of the easy maintenance LED display’s LED chip and single-point calibration ensure the consistency of high brightness
6. The single cabinet of our easy LED display weighs8kg and 19kg per square meter; the thickness of cabinet is only 70mm, if plus the module, the thickness is 135mm
7. The maximum power consumption of our easy maintenance LED display’s single cabinet is less than 400W; the wide viewing angle is 140 ° / 140 °, which can cover a wider range of audience.
  • Front
  • High
  • IP65
  • Light
  • Rental
  • Thin