Model Selection
460P LED video wall

Our 460P LED video wall will lead us to a new era; it is also a new option for end-users of outdoor LED display and professional customers of rental LED display. Our industry leading R&D personnel has applied the innovative design concept, seamless LCD display technology and indoor SMD LED display technology to the research and development of this 460P LED video wall.
This light and thin HD LED display has high resolution and can display HD images consistent with that of 46 "LCD with its single cabinet. Our 460P LED video wall has integrated the advantages of LCD’s seamless splice and LED’s high stability.

A Series LED Digital Signage

Our A series LED digital signage is suitable for outdoor advertising, information presentation, traffic analysis and guiding, etc. Our A series LED digital signage has small dot pitch, high definition display as well as the excellent functions of heat dissipation and water resistance. The stand-up design of the outdoor LED display facilitates the dismantling and the change of installation location; the display area of our fixed LED display can be adjusted at any time according to actual requirement.
Moreover, our full-color LED display has high brightness and its display content can be seen clearly seen in direct sunlight. Having scientific design, our indoor LED screen supports USB ...

B Series Outdoor Advertising LED Display

We adopt the dual backup protection technology to prevent the information loss; the thermal fan of our outdoor advertising LED display will start when needed. Additionally, the low-voltage power supply actuates the LED display screen, which can not only effectively save energy and operating costs, but also extend the service life due to low energy consumption and low heat conducting.
Our energy-saving LED display has a variety of dot pitches available, such as P10, P13.3, P16 and P20, which can meet the mainstream demand of outdoor advertising.

C Series IP65 LED Display

Our C Series IP65 LED display has the waterproofing grade up to IP65 and features easy installation and high transmittance. Having unique design of physical inclined angle, this LED display screen can be horizontally and vertically combined into compelling shaped screen with concave and convex.
Our IP65 LED display has great flexibility and configurability, which is an ideal choice for stage design. Moreover, our waterproof LED display can easily achieve the free switch between the color screen mode and conventional mode via its special device, providing you with comprehensive LED display solutions.

E Series LED Curtain Display

Our thin and light E Series LED curtain display is suitable for being used both indoors and outdoors. Having high brightness and good color consistency, our LED curtain display can achieve perfect visual effect. Our LED curtain screen can be easily and conveniently installed and maintained without using tools.
Having a unique design of inclined angle, the cabinet of our LED curtain display has five adjustable angles with different curvatures. Correspondingly, our LED video wall can realize concave or convex splicing in the horizontal or vertical direction.

GV2525 Series LED Display

Low temperature: The aluminum alloy LED light bar has good heat dissipation, extending the lifespan of the LED screen
Innovation: The cover of this custom LED display is made of innovative material, effectively preventing direct sunlight
Special: The cabinet can be designed according to customer requirements; it has ease of use in any outdoor occasion
Flexibility: the advertising LED display can realize remote control on the power switch
Convenience: The disassembly and assembly way of single light bar facilitates the maintenance

L Series Modular LED Display

Black: The cover of our LED video display has special black coating, which can enhance the contrast and achieve a better display effect.
Fast: The standardized modular design of our LED display dcreen has shortened the production cycle; the cabinet has light weight and high precision, effectively reducing manpower and installation time.
Stability: The cabinet of our modular LED display has few connectors, which generates fast heat dissipation and high system stability.
Easy: The cabinet can be disassembled and assembled without any tools; the operating staff can manually complete the demolition of cabinet within one minute.

LII Series Ultrathin LED Display

Our LII series ultrathin LED Display has inherited the major features of L series modular LED display, such as lightness, thinness, quietness, fineness, stability, excellent capacity, high contrast and fast and easy installation.
Additionally, as the best choice for you, our LII series ultrathin LED Display has reduced size and weight of a single cabinet, which makes the installation, dismounting, packing and transportation become much easier; meanwhile, this LED display dcreen uses low-voltage power supply to further achieve energy conservation.

M Series Easy Maintenance LED Display

Our M series easy maintenance LED display has cleverly combined the modules with light bars, which gets rid of the burdensome the insert type of light bar. This LED display screen has stylish appearance and high quality.
Moreover, our easy maintenance LED display has special fast lock design, which accelerates the assembly speed, making the cabinet’s maintenance become faster and more convenient.

N Series High Contrast LED Display

Our perfect N series high contrast LED display is our classic and sophisticated design. Our simple and elegant high contrast LED display has small dot pitch and seamless splicing, truly realizing seamless display. Having smart setting module matched with humanized way of protecting, our high contrast LED screen is indeed a great choice for rental.

P Series Perimeter LED Display

Our perimeter LED display has become one of the necessary supporting facilities needed in the modern sports venues. It can be used for presenting advertising information in the stadium.
Our sport LED display has ultra-high brightness and its content is clearly visible in the long distance and in direct sunlight. With soft cover and rubber cushion design, our perimeter LED display can also maximally help to protect the contestants and guarantee their safety.

S Series High Definition LED Display

Our S series high definition LED display has light, slim and attractive appearance. The design of intelligent modular and independent central control enable the cabinet to have very stable working condition. Our high definition LED display is compatible with a variety of LED display modules with different dot pitches.
Furthermore, our HD LED display has high efficiency of installation and excellent performance of security, which can be perfectly applied to ranges of occasions, such as celebrations, movie theaters, large-scale dance party, sports opening and closing ceremonies, indoor advertising, etc.