Installation Method of LED Display

1. The LED module can not be directly connected to AC power.

2. The lamp can not be directly and forcefully pushed during the installation process.

3. The glass cement must be added after pasting the double sided adhesive tape.

4. We put barbed wire on the cable seat to firmly fix the cable, therefore, if it is hard to insert, please pull out and reinsert. The cable must be firmly seated; otherwise, it will be detached in the future.

5. In order to avoid damage to the device or impact on the overall results, please do not push, squeeze or press the device on the module during the installation process.

6. When blistering plastic characters or installing module in the cabinets, please try to use one-third cables and one-fourth cables and enable them to form one loop or multiple loops in the entire character or cabinets; and use the black and red power lines to connect the module according to the positive electrode and negative electrode.

7. Although the loop can avoid the occurrence of decay, the number of series connection groups of modules at power port’s outlet should not be more than 30; otherwise, the module at the end will have decreased brightness due to voltage decay.

8. When installing the LED modules without the treatment of waterproof, please prevent rainwater from entering the characters or cabinets.

9. The modules’ spacing can be adjusted according to the requirements of brightness; the dot distribution per square meter should be controlled between 40 to 70 groups.

10. Before connecting the power cord to the cabinet, please ensure to connect the one-third cable or one-fourth cable to the corresponding three-group modules or four-group modules; After entering the cabinet, the power cord should be firmly knotted to prevent being pulled off by the force from outside.

11. The lengths of a single line have respectively 12 m and 15m, which can be used comforting to the actual situation; the tilted cable, including the unused connecting head, should be fixed on the plastic base plate by using the glass cement to prevent shading.