• Technical Support

  • Having professional team as well as strong and senior technology of the LED display industry, we uphold people-oriented principle of “customer first" to meet the needs of different consumers. We bound to provide outstanding customer service and present the most reliable cooperation sincerity for our further cooperation.

    Our tenet is to provide consummate customer-oriented service. We actively promote the construction of a network of customer service while building a marketing network. We will continuously assure our customers with improved service.

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  • Installation Method

  • 1. The LED module can not be directly connected to AC power.

    2. The lamp can not be directly and forcefully pushed during the installation process.

    3. The glass cement must be added after pasting the double sided adhesive tape.

    4. We put barbed wire on the cable seat to firmly fix the cable, therefore, if it is hard to insert, please pull out and reinsert. The cable must be firmly seated; otherwise, it will be detached in the future.

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  • FAQ

  • 1. Q: Can the LED be surface mounted on outdoor screen?
    A: Yes. We can provide waterproof 5050 surface mount with high brightness, to which cover can be added.

    2. Q: What is the requirement of the ambient brightness to the LED display screen? How much CD is respectively required indoors, semi- indoors, outdoors northwards and outdoors southwards?
    A: (1) indoors :> 800CD / m2
    (2) semi-indoors :> 2,000CD / m2
    (3) outdoors northwards :> 5,000CD / m2
    (4) outdoors southwards :> 8,000CD / m2

    3. Q: How to determine the LED display products’ appropriate dot pitch according to the viewing distance?
    A: The best viewing distance triples the dot pitch. For instance, as to the P16 LED display, the best viewing distance is about 16×3 = 48m.

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